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I bought my son Sean to see Dr. Kraft because he was suffering from a severe migraine.  Sean had been to medical doctors before, but all they wanted to do was prescribe drugs, most of which came with horrible side effects.  Dr. Kraft examined Sean, took some x-rays, then adjusted his neck.  Within 45 minutes, Sean's headache was almost completely gone.  None of the drugs worked that well, and the adjustment had no side effects.  Sean now comes in for regular adjustments, and has had far fewer migraines.  Needless to say, my son is a much happier person, living a much fuller life!  Thank you!!

-C.A.    Sterling Heights

Since coming to Kraft Chiropractic sometime early last year, I have seen and felt a full 180 degree turn around in my health, attitude, and posture.  It all started when my mother kept telling me to go to the chiropractor about my headaches.  I constantly would ignore her and tell her that getting my "back cracked" has got nothing to do with my headaches! How ignorant and blind was I?  In fact this was when I first learned that I had early stages of scoliosis and uneven vertebrae.  Now, almost a year later I've noticed that I have far less headaches, no more back pains, and have noticed quite a difference in my posture.  I guess getting my "back cracked" really had EVERYTHING to do with my constant headaches.  Thanks Mom, and thanks Dr. Paul!!

-Michael M.   Rochester

I first came to Kraft Chiropractic in November 2005 due to a lower back injury.  My visits with them assisted greatly in the healing process.  While I have injured the area since that time, Dr. Paul Kraft  has assisted in the healing process and without the use of drugs or surgery.  In addition, they have provided guidance to direct me to a more total health through the use of diet, nutrition and exercise.

-Greg O.   Rochester Hills

I first came to see Dr. Paul Kraft in the fall of 2005.  My wife Cindy had been going to him for a while.  I woke up one day and had such pain in my neck that I had trouble holding my head up.  Dr. Kraft took an x-ray and said it was one of the worst necks he had ever seen.  He said he could help me, but it would never be 100% again.  Dr. Kraft said he could probably get it to be about 80-90%.  He said the injury took place at least 20 years ago or maybe I was born with it.  After two years of many adjustments I am happy to say I can lead a normal life and my neck does not inhibit me.  This is not to say I don't feel it anymore.  I still get stiff and don't have 100% range, but it's a huge difference from when I first visited Dr. Kraft.

-Dan K.   Troy

I suffered for many years with horrible migraines.  The headaches were so painful that it would effect my eyesight and I could not see clearly or at all.  The pain and pressure could be so intense that I would have to put an ice pack at the base of my skull and tie a scarf around my head as tight as I could just to counter the pressure coming from within.  No light or sounds to be seen or heard just sleep.  At times I would still wake up with a small twinge of a headache.  Sometimes the pain was so awful that I feared something  was really wrong.  But doctors said only "migraines".  Medications never worked.  I started going to Kraft Chiropractic 10 years ago and ever since then my migraines are gone.  Thank you.

-Tamra S.   Fenton

After being rear ended while at a red light about 12 years ago, my primary doctor recommended physical therapy after x-rays indicated some spinal neck stress.  My insurance coverage for treatment had reached a cap, so my physical therapy ended.  After a year or so I started having problems getting up out of a chair and standing upright.  This continued to feel more painful over time until I took my wife's advice and went to see Dr. Paul Kraft.  My results after only a week or two enabled me to stand right up out of a chair and not feel any pain or stiffness.  I've continued with adjustments over the past 8 years and will continue to do so.  I firmly believe that if a person suffers any type of neck or back injury the best treatment is with a chiropractor.  Results are almost immediate, less time consuming than physical therapy and help with your overall good health.

-Randy P.   Rochester Hills

Having gone to two neurologists, having injections in my spine, two different physical therapys, and getting no relief, I decided to come see Dr. Kraft.  Within 6 weeks my back felt much better.  I was completely off medication and generally feeling so much better.  I'm only sorry that I didn't come and see Dr. Kraft in the first place!

-Judith P.   Rochester

We first came to the office in 1996.  My lower back was always in pain and I have scoliosis from my childhood.  I wasn't treated by any other doctors, but had been to some other chiropractors...some good-some bad.  I knew that chiropractic works and I knew I needed it and my kids stay healthy with regular adjustments.  Chiropractic keeps me from having sinus infections, keeps me standing straight, and helps me feel just great all the time!

-Roseann N.   Rochester Hills

Poor Ms. Jan!!!  Her students felt so bad that her back hurt her so much.  Ms. Jan is a preschool teacher who had a terrible time singing and dancing with her students.  When it came time to get down on the floor and rub their backs, they wondered if she would be able to get up again.  Offering her their teddy bears did nothing to help that aching back.  It did warm her heart though.  Then one day Ms. Jan heard about Dr. Paul and Kraft Chiropractic from a dear friend.  This was a friend who was a true friend, one who wanted her suffering to end.  Was Ms. Jan skeptical...why of course!  But, was she willing to give it a try...YES!!  After a few short months with the most upbeat, positive, and motivational doctor this side of the Mississippi (I don't know about the other side) Ms. Jan is dancing, singing and down on the floor with the children she loves and adores!!  Feeling good is believing!  Ms. Jan is no longer that sad preschool teacher who longs to do more with the kids, but a positive, happy teacher who wants to tell others about Kraft Chiropractic and the wonderful doctors and staff who constantly smile and offer encouragement.  Ms. Jan is now smiling and will continue to do so because of these wonderful people.  May you Dr. Paul and your staff enjoy the happiness you have given to a smiling Ms. Jan!!!  This is a true testimonial...dreams do come true and I didn't have to go to Disney world! Thank you!!!

-Jan L.   Troy

In January of this year I injured my neck. The pain was severe, shooting pain down into my arm and hand. I went to my MD, he gave me pain killers and set me up for a steroid epidural. The pain killers were not working at all and I have not had any sleep for weeks. A friend of mine recommended that I see his chiropractor, Dr. Kraft in Troy. Within a few adjustments I had already noticed a huge difference in the pain level and noticed that I was finally able to sleep without pain killers. I canceled my steroid epidural appointment to give Dr. Kraft some more time to work on me non-invasive. It has been one month, my problem is gone. Dr. Kraft had me change some of my bad habits, my diet, and he has me on a rehabilitative regime with exercise and corrective adjustments. Thanks for saving me!!

-John W.

Kraft Chiropractic is the real deal!  I'm a large man - 6'7" over 300 lbs, an ex-athlete and now suffering from many years of wear and tear.  Without Dr. Paul Kraft's adjustments I usually live with aches and pains.  After his treatments, I can carry on with my normal way of life.  I recommend Dr. Kraft to as many friends as possible.  Thank you Dr. Kraft and staff.

-Rick M.    Royal Oak

Before I started seeing Dr. Kraft back in 2004 for intense pains shooting down my leg. I was very resistant to seeing a chiropractor at all, but after I was unable to golf one day my wife convinced me to try, and the Troy office was closest. Dr. Kraft evaluated my condition, and told me with complete confidence that he could help. And help he did! After only a few adjustments the pain had faded away. Now I come in regularly to keep it at bay. Best of all, I can golf again without pain.

-Joe G.   Troy

I have been going to Dr. Paul Kraft for less than a year and I already feel a huge difference.  I am 32 years old and work for a large management consulting firm.  A large part of my day is spent sitting, using my laptop.  My line of work is often stressful due to the aggressive timelines and long hours.  I also often carry the lion's share of my stress in my lower back, neck and shoulders.  I have found that the pain has been unbearable over the past few years.  There was a point where my husband had to massage my back at least once a day for me to feel normal.  Finally, my husband advised me to go to his childhood chiropractor.  I was very apprehensive at first since my doctor friends were often leery of chiropractic care.  I was alarmed by all the loud cracking at my first session but I soon came to equate that sound to relief.  I sum up going to each adjustment with Dr. Kraft as the same as having a two hour massage.  My body immediately feels relief, relaxation and no more pain.  I don't get a chance to go to Dr. Kraft as regularly as I would like but I always look forward to each session because I know I am one step closer to a healthier body.

-Ranjana C.    Rochester

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